Friday, June 25, 2010

More Veggies/ Less Grass

I don't have grass in my front yard. We have lived in our house for almost nine years and we have never had grass in our front yard. Grass to me equals more watering, more fertilizing, and a lack of imagination.There is a landscape architect I like. His name is Fritz Haeg. He is a huge proponent of edible gardens, especially front yard edible gardens. I decided to try something easy in my front yard. I planted a pony pack of six zucchini plants.
Five out of the six plants looked good. The fifth one bit the dust on the way home in the car. For the next three to four weeks I battled the snail invasion form hell!

I don't use herbicides and pesticides, that includes snail bait, especially where dogs can get it. It's like candy to them. Several years ago I almost killed my dog with snail bait. I put it where I thought she couldn't get it, but she did. Many tears later and $700 poorer I learned a hard lesson.

Anyway, I diligently hunted snails every morning and most evenings and still lost three plants to the hungry beasts. I also tried placing a copper "hula hoop" around the base of each plant, that didn't work. Hand picking seems to work the best. I still find a few, but I think I have decimated the ranks for now.

I have been left with two healthy plants. The flowers are beautiful too! We have already been able to pick and eat them. Yum!

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