Thursday, August 23, 2012

Diving Into Blue

After I added my blue octopus over our family room fireplace and summerized the mantle I thought I was "done" with this room until fall.  
 While my family thinks the octopus is pretty cool, their one critique is that I needed to add more blue around the rest of the room. 
Even my husband, who doesn't like change and always thinks our house is "fine" they way it is, (he doesn't get my need for constant change) commented the room needed more blue. 
Off to the fabric store and Home Goods for a blue makeover.
I'm diving in head first.
Here's what I did.

I made some pillows. 
The fabric feels almost like a beach blanket.  It's thick, textured, and sturdy.
Don't notice the brown couch the pillows are sitting on. 
I don't like it, but it's comfy, in great shape, and paid for, so it's staying for now. 
I have steered away from the Tuscan look, but some furniture pieces like this one still haunt my house.

I slip covered my ottomans with coordinating fabric. 
I sewed the seams inside out for a more casual, beachy look. 
I picked fabric that is very durable because my kids like to throw the pillows on the floor to watch TV and my husband likes to ball them up to stick under his legs when he stretches out on the couch. 

 I took the gray velvet slip cover off my other couch for now.
I don't think I showed you this Ralph Lauren jute rug I picked up at Home Goods for a steal a few months back. 
It's very soft and comfortable for bare feet and floor lounging kids.
I like the texture it adds to the room. 

Since the room has a very neutral color scheme,
I can change out the accessories whenever I get bored.
Pretty much any color works in this room.


My mom gave me a blue and white dog bed for Piper.  
I think she likes it.

I picked up the blue glass float from Home Goods.
I found the Cabinet of Natural Curiosities book on clearance years ago at Anthropologie for $25.
I added my new pillows to my $10 Craig's List wicker chairs.
To see how I made my vertical succulent wall go here.

I changed out my glass bubbles with sand, coral, and shells.

No blue, more beach.

Piper follows me around where ever the photo shoot is happening. 
Her brother and sister are grand champions.
 Maybe she wants to be a supermodel  too.
 More seashells and blue watering orbs were added to my candelier.

I used the left over pillow fabric and jute webbing to make a runner for the dresser behind my couch. 
This dresser stores all my craft supplies.

I took the leftover glass from my DIY Restoration Hardware Rope Planetarium Chandelier and re purposed it as a mini green house.

I added blue ribbon to my DIY glass lamp shades.

 I added some blue accessories to my DIY industrial shelves on the other side of the room.  

The candles are from Home Goods. I already had the Fleur Di Ly's plaque and I just gave it a quick spray with blue paint. 
The boxes were found in the clearance bins at Michael's.

Have you been diving into any new decor for your home?
Enjoy the rest of your summer.
Thanks for checking it out.



  1. Looks great! I love the ottoman covers.

  2. Hey, I LIKE blue and brown! I think the light brown couch works like gangbusters and looks very friendly and inviting. All the little blue details add up very nicely, subtle but crisp.

  3. Well, you sure packed several blog posts into one :)

    I love the blue. I like how you sewed the Ottoman covers inside out. I like that Pipers bed matches too. There are just so many wonderful updates and the space looks totally different.

  4. I love the ottoman covers. Where did you get your clear globes that you filled with sand and coral? All the ones I've seen are super expensive.

  5. And wow again! I'm so loving the ottomans and the glass bubble tree is just wonderful!!! I'd love to show it on my blog!


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