Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Hotel Del, A Staycation In Coronado

On February 10th my husband Henry retired from 21 years as a Special Agent for the FBI.  We celebrated by treating ourselves to a little staycation at the Hotel Del Coronado.
No dealing with a flight or long road trip, it's just a short 25 minutes from our house.

We were married here almost 17 years ago and haven't had the opportunity to enjoy another overnight visit since we were married.

We visit often, but haven't bit the bullet and enjoyed the overnight luxury till now.

When we checked in we were pleasantly surprised to be upgraded to a two room suite that had just been completely redone! 
Not sure why we got an upgrade, but it was very appreciated. 
The room was gorgeous!  The new room decor hasn't been upgraded on their website yet and I didn't take any pictures!  Think modern beach decor done in gray, silver, lavender, and dark wood. 
Very tasteful, understated, and elegant.
This was the view from the entry of our room.
We were married in this gazebo and seeing it always brings a smile to my face.

At Christmas we always take a family picture in the gazebo.

The Del is a Victorian Hotel and it first opened in 1888.
This is a picture of the cottages and villas that were added to the property in 2005(time share). 
I think they start at 500k for approximately 30 days a year use. 
We didn't stay in these, but they look really nice.
They should be nice at that price.

Maybe we're weird, but we always workout when we go on vacations.
We had to work off all the fabulous meals we ate while we were there.
It was too cold and windy the first morning to run on the beach for me, so while Henry ran, I worked out at the gym, much warmer.
I'm a wimp in the cold!

It was sunny, crisp, breezy, and gorgeous, but too chilly for bathing suits at the beach or pool.

You can see Point Loma from the hotel. 
The university I attended is just on the other side of Point Loma.

At Christmas time this grassy lawn becomes an ice skating rink. 
Where else can you ice skate at the beach?

When it warmed up in the afternoon we went for walks on the beach. 

 We missed the girls, but it was really nice for the two of us to get away.
(C and C = Casey and Cami)

Henry indulged me by walking around the town of Coronado for some window shopping. 
This is true love because Henry would rather stick bamboo shoots under his finger nails than shop.  That man hasn't bought a stitch of clothing for himself, other than running shoes, since we've been married.  I love to shop so I don't mind at all.

I bought him a beer at Mc P's for his sacrifice.
It was just so nice to hang out together. 

Mc Ps Irish Pub

It was pretty stressful leading up to Henry's retirement and the new career.  Spending time in Coronado was the perfect remedy to slow down enjoy the moment.  One minute he was thinking about getting his resume together and the next thing he had a new dream job!  He became eligible for retirement this last September when he turned 50.  The FBI has a mandatory retirement at 57 and there isn't a lot of benefit to staying past 50. 
The timing was perfect.
  There are still many Americans out of work.
I can't imagine the stress and hardship that family's face in this situation?
We are so grateful for this opportunity.  
He looks more relaxed already.

Hopefully we won't wait another 17 years to come back to stay.

Do you have any staycations or little get aways planned?
If you get a chance come visit the Hotel Del.

Thank you to everyone that left such nice heart felt congratulations to Henry and our family.

Thanks for checking it out.


  1. What a gorgeous hotel! I can see why you all love coming back to it. And, I love that you take a family picture each year in the same spot the two of you were married. I think "staycations" are a fabulous idea.

  2. Everything about this post is lovely and romantic!! What a great way to celebrate this transition in your lives!

    However, let's be frank...when you live so close 17 years is wwaaayyyyyyy toooooooo long between stays!!!!! ;) Their Christmas-time is AMAZING!! I propose a family stay there this Christmas!!

    Okay, I'll stop, I'm being bossy now!! ;)

    You must have gone to Point Loma Nazarene? Beautiful campus! Our daughter has gone to Worldview Academy there for the last 2 Summers. :)

    On a serious note, please thank your husband for his 21 years of service to our country. And thank you too for supporting him!! I, for one, truly appreciate you both!!

  3. It looks amazing! You have a beautiful family : ) Congratulations on this new chapter in your lives. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Shannon, you stinker! I'm so jealous. My niece Anni just asked me when we're going this year. We skipped our Feb/March trip this year with all the surgeries, but we'll get there eventually. I know you had the perfect getaway there- it's extra special for your family.
    Coming at Christmas would be so much fun.
    Way to be, 007, for letting your woman do some shopping.
    Take him to Bluegrass Brunch @ Urban Solace this weekend. I'm drooling now just thinking about it. I have to live vicariously thru you. ; ) I'm a SD wanna-be.

  5. The Del Coronado is such a beautiful place and location of one of my favorite movies (Some Like it Hot.). We've visited but have never stayed over night. I bet it was beautiful. Congrats on a new chapter of your life.

  6. Wow!! Congrats, Shannon! Great pictures of one of the most beautiful places in San Diego. :)

    Funny coincidence, my husband and I spent our wedding night in the suite right below yours, in Dec of '93. Best view in the house!

    Lannie Bartlett

  7. Shannon, when I was 22 years old I vacationed in San Diego and I remember taking a day trip to this beautiful hotel and to Coronado Island it is one of my best memories of vacationing. I can't believe I've never been back there :( Thanks for giving us a peek into your time spent there, you and Henry are so cute together!!!

  8. I have always wanted to take a vacation to the Cali coast and stay a night there. Hubby won't do it though since we saw a special that said it was haunted!;) Thanx for sharing such a beautiful place.

  9. Sounds like it was the perfect getaway and it is in an idyllic setting with that pristine coastline. We never think to do anything like this and I know it would serve us well to get away for a staycation once in a while. Thanks for sharing, Shannon. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. I've always dreamed of going here thanks for sharing now i know i want to go...

  11. Oh, I'm so happy for you! Coronado is such a wonderful place. Glad you both had some time away together, and hopefully a little more now that he's retired.


  12. I love the Hotel Del!!! Your comment about your husband not liking to shop and ever buy clothes sounds EXACTLY like my husband. Seriously, he hates it. He just started a new job and we had to do a "power shop"... We have only done 3 in the 21 years we have been together... lol


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