Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Little Painting

Two weeks ago my Monday morning beach volleyball got canceled because we couldn't get a fourth player so I avoided working out all together by painting a wall in my family room/great room.

I had left over paint from Henry's man cave ceiling.

I used Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray HC 168.

                            Before                                                                      After

Before this wall and the rest of the room was painted 
Benjamin Moore 3/4 White Sand HC 170.


My industrial shelves have wheels so it was easy to just roll the whole thing away from the wall to paint.


It only took me a couple of hours.  
I was lazy and didn't take the heavy mirror down.  
I used a top of a spray paint can stuck under the bottom half of the mirror to lift it off the wall.  I just quickly slapped some paint under the edge of the mirror with a paint brush.

I decided to not put the artwork and accessories back up on the walls for now.
I like contrast of the gray with the gold frame of the mirror.

Change makes me feel good and this little makeover was free.

Thanks for checking it out.


  1. LOVE it! Nothing like a no cost update that makes a world of difference. The gold framed mirror against the grey really pops.

    I have to confess that when you revealed Henry's man cave, I didn't even notice the ceiling. Now it totally makes sense on why I felt comfort right away when looking at his room; well that and those drapes, yummy!

    Great work Shannon. And please tell me that painting is kind of like exercise? LOL

  2. I love the gray wall. It really makes your mirror a stand out.

  3. So pretty, that contrast of gray in there! It's like it was fate that your beach volleyball was cancelled that day!

  4. Everything is simply stunning! Magazine worthy...absolutely love your gray walls!

  5. love love the color! such a nice contrast!!
    Not bad for a lazy day! :)


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