Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Table To Go

Our family loves the outdoors. Our weekends are frequently spent outside enjoying the beach or watching our girls at soccer tournaments. During the summer we also like to go to Concert in the Park in Coronado on Sunday evenings. It would be nice to not haul a large table with us when we are out and about at these events. We use the cooler as the table. That doesn't always work so well, especially when you need to have access to the food.
I made this table for a handy way to enjoy eating outdoors on the go.

Concert in the park is a sea of these Crate and Barrel tables. 
You've seen these before?

I was planning on ordering the Table In The Bag from Crate and Barrel shown in the picture above, but I never seemed to get around to it. They have become quite popular.  I decided I didn't want the same thing everyone else had.

Here is my DIY version.

My table is probably a little heavier than the Crate and Barrel one, but it's unique. What are kids for if not to help lug around our stuff? (Just kidding) I wanted my table to be different and whimsical.


*1 - 2'x 2' x 3/4'' thick plywood board cut in half. (Home Depot or Lowe's will cut it for you)
*1 and 1/2 to 2 yards of fabric (depending on if you want to match the pattern in the middle. Determine repeat)
*Mod Podge
*Small paint roller or brush
*3 small hinges (screws can't be longer than 3/4")
*2 #10-32 x 1/2" wing screws
*2 metal braces (2 come in a package with screws or you can buy them individually)
*4 legs (mine are 15" long)
*4 leg caps (Optional, mine might sit in wet grass)
*4 leg brackets
*upholstery tacks (optional)
*Newspaper or drop cloth
I used two different coordinating cotton fabrics for the front and back. If you use a large pattern, determine if you want to match the pattern at the middle joint of the table? You will need to buy more fabric depending on the fabric repeat because you need to allow for the 3/4" width of table of each adjoining side and a 1" overlap for the bottom of the table. This could mean buying approximately a half of a yard or more fabric for your project. It's a little more work, but it looks nicer if the pattern lines up.
Cut the top piece of fabric to fold over the 3/4" side edge and over lap at least 1" onto the bottom of the board. Don't worry if the edges don't look perfect. The bottom piece of fabric hides the edge of top piece of fabric. Spread Mod Podge in a thin to medium coat over the top of the wood. It's messy, but hard to mess up. Line up the fabric and smooth out any air bubbles. Brush or roll another coat of Mod Podge over the entire board with fabric. Fold the corners of the fabric like a package. Repeat for the other half of the table and let dry.
If you are like me and don't want to wait for it to dry, use a hair dryer to speed up the process. Once dry, do the same thing for the back of the table, but cut the fabric about a half an inch too short and wide. The bottom fabric should not overlap on to the sides or top of the board. Make sure it covers the top piece of fabric ends, but it shouldn't overlap to the sides of the table. I used a coordinating dot fabric on the back of the Koi.

I thought the Koi fabric was fun for the summer.

Let the table dry completely over night. I sprayed the table with three coats of Outdoor Varathane because I wanted mine to be waterproof. Spills are easily sponged off.


I spray painted the legs white.

I added leg caps incase my table was standing in wet grass. They just hammer into the bottom of the legs.
Screw the leg brackets into each corner. Make sure your screws aren't more than 3/4" long or they will pop through the top of your table.

Add 3 Hinges to the bottom joint of the table.

Add the 2 metal braces to the middle sides of the table. One on each side. Only attach with one screw. Your table will sag in the middle if you skip this step. Don't screw down the braces so tight that it can't rotate into position when in use.

Rotate the braces and drill a hole on the other side of the connecting board for the wing screw.

Tighten the wing screws when your table is in use.
Remove wing screws and rotate metal braces back when folded.

Here is what the table looks like when it is disassembled.

I added upholstery tacks to the edge.

Here is the top view.

I made a carrying bag with some left over sleeping bag fabric.
Cami is ready to go!
Sushi anyone?

How do you enjoy eating outdoors on the go?
Thanks for checking it out.


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